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About Us

Welcome to Ninja Paper! As part of our goal to have a great shopping experience for you, our “Ninjas”, we wanted to share with you our company story, some of its culture, and a little bit about the people who make it happen here.



Ninja Paper is the creation of wife and husband team Christine and Michael Kupfer.  While trying to add wall design to their home, the couple found a frustrating experience awaited them.  After looking through books and books, there was just no easy way to find patterns they liked in colors that did not make their choices “special orders” that took 6-12 weeks. They also discovered that the cost of the wallpaper materials plus the installation really did not allow their budget to go too far. In fact they had to put off decorating one room for almost entire year.

They wanted to be more part of the process. They wanted to choose patterns and customize size applications, and colors, and they wanted to be able to afford it!

In other words, they wanted to be the Ninjas! 

So the couple set off around the country to research manufacturing (in the US), as well as various print, material, manufacturing technologies and process and soon after- Ninja Paper was born with the concept where YOU, the customer, gets to “Be The Ninja”!


The NinjaPaper.com Team 


Christine Kupfer - Co-founding Ninja

While working as an inside trader for an investment bank, Christine was not once but twice put in charge of her office redesign (yes we all thought that odd since she was in fact a trader). She actually enjoyed the experience greatly except the process.  These days Christine mostly works with designers for commercial spaces as well as for hospitality design and restaurant design. She is a superb hockey mom to two young boys and hockey wife to an older boy.

  • Favorite item at Ninja Paper: Large wall painting
  • Favorite pattern on the site: "A Night in St. Petersburg"
  • Favorite thing on wall as a kid: Poster of Sean Cassidy




Michael Kupfer - Co-founding Ninja

Michael oversees the ecommerce platform, sales, and customer service.  Michael has owned a number of businesses over the years including IT consulting firm Black Diamond Solutions and most recently ecommerce site Treadmill.com. As a partnership with an old friend, Treadmill.com sold treadmills, ellipticals, and bikes online. After building it from the ground up starting in 2012, an offer to sell was accepted in January of 2015.  Michael brings 20 years of technology experience, as well as his content marketing experience to NinjaPaper.com. He spends his day creating a better overall customer experience both on the website as well as through manufacturing and delivery. Mike is also a long-time and loyal Chicago Blackhawks fan.

  • Favorite item at Ninja Paper: Removable DIY wallpaper
  • Favorite pattern on the site:  "Kopermiko
  • Favorite thing on wall as a kid: Tie between my Dennis Savard (Chicago Blackhawks) signed poster, and my Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" album cover which I would open up full and stick to the wall with pins



Leslie Castromayor - Graphic Ninja

As the very first hire at NinjaPaper.com, Leslie handles a variety of graphic design, site content and even some print production. Appreciating art, fashion, and all areas of music that are beyond her years, Leslie considers herself a connoisseur of “cool”.  As a graduate of the Illinois Institute of Art with a degree in Fashion Marketing Management, Leslie hopes to continue kicking butt at Ninja paper, and perhaps open her own boutique marketing firm one day. As a youth she closely followed the graffiti art scene and had a poster of a painting created by famed street artist Steeze. This poster is what inspired her to go into a creative field and never look back!

  • Favorite item at Ninja Paper: Removable DIY wallpaper
  • Favorite pattern on the site: "Lollypop Parade"
  • Favorite thing on wall as a kid: Poster of “Biter” by Steeze



Kaylin Van Harn - Copywriting Ninja

Kaylin is involved in creating and editing content for NinjaPaper.com She also helps with work on the NinjaPaper blog. She is a graduate of The Illinois Institute of Art-Chicago with a degree in Fine Arts, Advertising. Kaylin has always been creative ever since she was little, thanks to her family. She also has a knack for technology. The combination of her passions of fine arts and technology at NinjaPaper.com is why she loves to come to work in the morning!

  • Favorite item at Ninja Paper: Removable wallpaper
  • Favorite pattern on the site: "Pretty Flamingo"
  • Favorite thing on wall as a kid: A tie between my Picture of Audrey Hepburn and the garden mural that was painted on the wall by my artistic mother

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