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How the Color of Your Office Affects Your Mood


Ever wonder why going in to the office sometimes brings dread and anxiety to your mind? Other than the grind of pushing papers and feeling like your chained to your laptop, your surroundings could be to blame. Color has long been linked to causing effects to your emotions, so the same can be applied to your emotions in the work place. If the office walls are a dull gray (or “prison gray”), then it makes sense that marching along your commute can feel like a death sentence. So what color wallpaper gives the much needed productivity boost? There are a few on each side of the spectrum that can get you revved up, calm you down, or make you just plain happy.

White Makes Your Office Feel More Spacious

Before thinking that white is boring, understand that white has the ability to go with anything. It gives the impression that a space is much larger than it is (claustrophobic feeling offices take note) and it makes the overall space look clean. White is often used in offices that are on the smaller side and in hallways. If using a wallpaper pattern, use patterns that have geometric patterns with a white base. 

Circle in the Hands

Red Can Stimulate Brain Activity

Red, like the Force, should be used sparingly. Since this color so strongly elicits stimulation, it is best to use red as an accent. Red wallpaper would be great as an accent wall or as pops of color on furniture. It can also be used as an accent color on cubicles since red helps with attention to detail. 

Grey Squares in Red

Yellows and Oranges Causes Enthusiasm

Color psychologists say that yellows and oranges evoke feelings of optimism and energy. Yellow and orange wallpaper are perfect to use in large common areas, conference rooms or cafeterias. It’s a great way to boost morale. It also triggers creativity, so it best to use this color for offices that house designers, writers, artists, developers or other creative types. 

Retro Morocco

Blues and Greens Relieve Stress

Stress is often the reason behind distraction and a decrease of productivity. Blue and green colored wallpaper can bring tranquility and a sense of calmness to a space, so waiting rooms or bathrooms are a great way to incorporate these colors. Break rooms are perfect for a dose of blue or green for employees to relax and collect their thoughts. Busier offices could benefit from having these colors on their walls to keep everyone calm and coolheaded.


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