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Our Modern, Custom Wallpaper Makes Accent Walls So Much More Fun.


Modern wall paper as an accent wall can transform a room completely and give an old house new life. The best part about using NinjaPaper is the fact that you can customize your wallpaper from scratch. You can create your own modern wallpaper from a simple idea. You could for example take a small décor item that you love and create an entire room around it. Just using one pattern can completely change a home from top to bottom. There are a number of ways to do an accent wall with modern wallpaper and custom wallpaper.

1.The basic accent wall is always a good go to when decorating. It is classic and simple but adds a lot to a room especially when using a pattern.

2.You can do alternating color wallpaper. This can create a fun rainbow effect or a sophisticated color pattern.

3.Taking small squares of different patterns and creating a checker board. This can change a wall completely and tie a room together.

4.Getting small hexagon shapes and creating a colorful honey comb. It’s a fun way to use removable wallpaper in a new exciting way.

5.Create a half wall accent wall simply cover half. This is a great way to add some color.

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