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Tom and Marianne Love Our Custom Wall Murals


This past weekend two lovely customers of ours installed their very own custom wall mural. They were very excited and documented the whole process for us.(Watch time lapse video below)  Marianne and Tom's Dog (Bonnie) in the corner just hanging out and observing the install is one of our favorite parts!

Marianne also wrote a very kind letter to one of your designers and gave an excellent review. 

“We are renters in a home that has a big white wall. We are limited to what we can put up. We want our security deposit back. NinjaPaper is a great option for adding some personal flare to a blank wall."

Custom Wall Mural Installation by NinjaPaper | Removable Wallpaper from Removable Wallpaper on Vimeo.

WOW, I did not expect the mural to go up that easy!


We received or order on a Monday and removed it from the tube. We then laid the map out for the rest of the week to remove the curl. Saturday morning we washed the wall we wanted the mural to go on, measured, taped up the mural, removed the adhesive tape on the back and whaalaa it was up. It was that simple.


One key tip I would like to add was the tape hinge at the corners. This was recommended by the customer service at NinjaPaper. It made removing the adhesive backing much easier while the mural remained taped to the wall.

I am putting in another order for a headboard backing for one of the bedrooms.

Thanks so much!”

~ Marianne


We love to hear about how much people enjoy our murals and patterns. We can’t wait to see what they have planned next. Thanks Marianne and Tom for being an enthusiastic customer and sending us this content! You are TRULY the definition of NINJAS!! 

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