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The Room Place and Windy City Live Install


A few weeks ago The Room Place asked us to help with the makeover of the green room at Windy City Live. We were asked to install a custom mural for them of the Chicago area. We arrived at the studio around eleven and were greeted very kindly by staff at the studio. We were shown to the green room and the make-up artists working were very excited to get the room redone. They shared with us the pictures of the old green room and how it was covered in signatures. Even before we started installing people were stopping by to see what we were going to do, they all told us that they were ready to get rid of the signatures and have something new. Before we could start applying the mural, we had to prep the wall. We had to sand down a few spots that had large bumps, and wipe off the dirt and dust. We also had to lay the mural flat before we started so that it wouldn’t have any bends and so that we could do a final check of the print. 


It was an easy install, it lined up nicely with the celling and along the door. The main challenge was cutting around the air conditioning control panel, but our skilled installer did it with ease, we took our time cutting around the air conditioning control panel and it took us maybe 10 minutes to get it perfect. We got the first panel up and people were already impressed, they were surprised that the first panel only took us about 20 minutes to put fully in place.


After the first panel was securely in place, we then lined up the next panel. We were able to line out the two panels with ease and it was quickly in place, lining up the mural and applying the panel only took about 20 minutes. All that was left was trimming the edges and we were done, which only takes 20 minutes to do. 


Everyone who stopped by was impressed with the design and the quality of the print, and the fact that there were absolutely no fumes like traditional wallpaper. The Room Place was excited about the finished product and they were able to furnish the room quickly because there was no dry time.

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