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NinjaPaper FAQs

Removable Wallpaper Product Questions

Who uses removable wallpaper?

Our customers are a wide variety of people, but they all have one thing in common: they want their walls to make a statement about them. Do it yourself (DIY) enthusiasts love the fact that they can inexpensively add décor to their apartment, dorm room, office, or retail space. The fact that the wallpaper can be removed without damage to walls makes it ideal when you may not be in the space forever. However, the quality of NinjaPaper’s removable wallpaper makes a great case for even the upscale décor environment.

What does Ninja’s self-adhesive Wallpaper cost compared to traditional wallpaper?

Traditional wallpaper with any quality in material and design will start around $9/SF and can sell for as high as $40/SF (some even higher). However, you can certainly get many quality patterns in the $10-$15 range, but you still have to find and hire someone to apply that wallpaper, and time and materials on that can add another $2-$9/SF depending on the market you live in. NinjaPaper peel and stick removable wallpaper starts at between $8-$10/SF and it is truly a Do It Yourself (DIY) installation, so there is no additional cost.

What are some of the other advantages of stick and peel wallpaper?

There are a bunch of advantages! Check out our page on temporary wallpaper vs traditional wallpaper for a full list!

How long will removable wallpaper last before it needs to be replaced?

A lot depends on the quality of the materials that the manufacturer uses. NinjaPaper uses the highest quality materials with a low tack. Don’t be fooled by the phrase “low tack”, which just means it is lower than other applications (like long-term outdoor use) might need. This stuff sticks and stays. The short answer is: if installed and left alone, it can last for many, many years.

Can I clean my walls once installed?

Yes - but carefully. We recommend only using a DRY cloth. While the ink we use for the wallpaper is permanent, it can be effected by liquid - especially if it has alcohol-based ingredients. If you would like some extra protection, you can apply what is called liquid laminate. However, for most applications we do not think it is needed. If you feel you are using this in an application that might need liquid laminate, contact us and for a small charge we can apply. Very few customers need this option.

How do I measure my wall so I order the correct amount of DIY wallpaper?

NinjaPaper makes it very easy to measure your walls. Regarding the width of the wall, our patterns are manufactured in 2 foot panels, so all you need is to do is measure your wall, divide by 2, and round UP. That will give you the total number of panels that you need. Regarding height, we offer industry standard height options that range from 4.5 feet through 10.5 feet. So just choose the height that fits your wall. There is a summary of this on our measuring tool diagram, and we also discuss it on our measuring video.

What materials are NinjaPaper’s designer wallpaper made out of?

Our designer-quality wallpaper is made out of a premium textured and matte fabric that has the same quality of traditional wallpaper. We tested over 30 materials before choosing the one that has the desired texture, thickness, and print quality before we choose the material we use. Due to the material having a low tack on the back side, there is no additional glue or paste needed. Quality of product and manufacturing is the #1 priority for NinjaPaper. We know your expectations on quality will be exceeded.

Can the removable wallpaper be reused?

Tricky question. While we know other companies on the internet claim that “of course” they can, truthfully it is not that simple of an answer. In theory, yes you can remove this wallpaper and it should stick again. However, the ability to do so depends on many things including:

  1. How long the wallpaper has been adhered to the wall

  2. What temperature does the paper get exposed to consistently

  3. What type of paint or other materials were used on the wall prior to the paper being installed

Truthfully, while the product can be removed with relative ease and no extra cost, there would have to be ideal conditions for the paper be ready to re-stick again cleanly. From what we know, most of our clients do not attempt this. The best part about the product being “removable” is that when you are installing, you can easily pull the paper off to correct any alignment mistakes. Again in all honesty: in theory yes…in practice…not so much. 

Are there surfaces that will not work with stick and peel wallpaper?

NinjaPaper manufactures removable wallpaper that can be applied to almost any smooth surface as long as it is properly cleaned, primed and/or painted. For optimized results, the wall or surface should have a semi or high-gloss finish. Our products are not recommended for use with flat finishes or a matte finish. Our product is not recommended for brick, concrete, cloth or other such uneven material surfaces. For any surfaces that might be questionable, we recommend purchasing a sample for testing prior to placing a full order. When cleaning your surface, use either a dry clean or water-only cleaner (let dry completely). The use of ammonia based cleaners should not be used.

How long after I paint my walls do I need to wait to install NinjaPaper removable wallpaper?

We recommend that you follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions regarding dry time. For most paints, that is between 2-4 weeks. This allows the paint to settle properly to the wall and will allow for better adhesion by the NinjaPaper removable wallpaper. If the dry time suggestion is not followed, you can experience trouble adhering to the wallpaper and also may experience peeling or flaking when you remove it. We also recommend NOT using a paint that is pre-mixed with primer.


NinjaPaper Company Questions

Who is NinjaPaper?

NinjaPaper started out as a small business created by a husband and wife team. While Christine had an eye for design and a certain obsession with empty walls, Michael had over 20 years of entrepreneurship, technology, and ecommerce experience. The combination of these two coupled with a frustration in designing their own spaces led to the creation of NinjaPaper. Today NinjaPaper, while still a small, woman-owned business, enables apartment renters, college students, home owners, party planners, interior designers, business design consultants, hotels and restaurants to “Be the Ninja” one wall at a time!

Do you offer samples?

We offer samples on every pattern that we carry. They are 1ft x 1ft and cost $5. Due to the nature of our business model where everything is custom and manufactured to order, we do encourage ordering samples.

Is your manufacturing technology “green”?

Yes. In fact, our manufacturing process for removable wallpaper includes using the strictest eco standards. Our state of the art technology uses NO solvent materials. If you have ever been in a print shop and smelled solvent, you would remember the strong smell. Then, there are eco-solvent technologies which are cleaner but still use solvent. Most of our competitors use one of these two types of technology to manufacture their wallpaper. The use of water-based inks instead of solvent saves time in the manufacturing process as well. Solvent based inks need a 24-48 hour “gassing out” period (even sounds gross) to “cleanse the paper” of the smell and toxins. Our water based inks need no such step and as a result we can ship quicker. Green is good!

What makes NinjaPaper better than other removable wallpaper products?

We get this a lot and we love answering this one. In a nutshell: quality materials and quality print technology.

QUALITY MATERIALS - We have always said that you can’t make a quality product without starting with quality materials. Everything from the paper (we tested over 30 styles, thicknesses and tack levels) to the inks that we use are all of the highest quality.

QUALITY PRINT - The printer that we use has some unique features that make our prints higher quality than others in the market.

  1. More Inks - Most wallpaper manufacturers use 4 inks to produce their products. Our technology uses 7 total inks to produce the brightest and most color matching in the world. There are very few of these in the market because to be honest, they are MUCH more expensive. Again, with the NinjaPaper philosophy of quality first, we decided to make this investment once so that we can provide a better product forever. It’s pretty simple: more inks, better quality print.

  2. Green Technology - Our print technology uses water-based inks. Most other use what is known as solvents or “eco-solvents”. All solvent prints contain toxins and must be “gassed out” for as much as 48 hours before they are dry and safe to ship. NinjaPaper invested in technology that dries right off the printer and has no need for “gassing out”. We felt we did not want anything on our walls that needed such a process, and our customers shouldn't either. In fact, many hospitals and child care centers that use temporary wallpaper require water-based inks be used in production.

Are you the cheapest manufacture of removable wallpaper I can find?

Honestly, probably not. NinjaPaper is certainly less expensive than traditional wallpaper, and of course always must be competitive with other removable wallpaper and wall mural companies within the market. You might be able to find a cheaper product in the market. Our quality materials for paper, ink and printer technologies just cost more. Our superior print quality actually takes 50% more time than providers using just 4 ink technology. Our customers think quality is worth it, especially when they see the finished product! Oh, and they also install better and last longer than cheaper suppliers out there.

Do you work with designers?

Yes, we do. We have worked with designers in commercial design, retail design, office design, and home design, as well as restaurant design. We will work with any designer that wants to create a beautiful and economical design for their client’s walls. Contact us and we can get you access to our designer portal.

Can we send in our own patterns or designs for wall murals?

Of course…you’re the Ninja remember? If you have a specific pattern that you would like made into either removable wallpaper or a wall mural, just contact our design and graphic arts team and they will be happy to work with your original artwork or photos. There can be some small art charges involved depending on what you want to create, but that is only so we can spend the time to make your wall art great!


Ordering, Shipping, and Return Questions

What type of payments do you accept?

Currently we accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. We also offer PayPal Credit (formally Bill Me Later) on purchases of $99 or more. This is a great option if you want extra time to pay for your removable wallpaper or wall murals.

Do you charge sales tax?

We currently charge sales tax for customers in the state of Illinois.

What shipping options do you offer?

We offer ground shipping through FedEx or USPS. We can’t ship to PO boxes. And, don't forget that orders over $99 get free shipping.

What type of order status will I receive?

NinjaPaper will send you email communications at the following points of your order to keep you informed of status:

  1. Confirmation that order has been placed - You will receive your order number

  2. Confirmation that your product has shipped - You will receive a shipment tracking number

How long will it take to receive my order?

At NinjaPaper we believe in under promising and over delivering. Our goal is to get all orders manufactured and shipped within 5-7 business days. The quality of our print takes a little more time than most print technologies to achieve the quality our customers want. That being said our “green technology process” also does not need any time for “gassing out” the wallpaper so that helps us ship quicker than most. If there are any delays in our process we will keep you informed. However, to date we have been consistently hitting 5-7 business days to ship.

Is my payment secure?

ABSOLUTLY! One of our founders owns a technology consulting firm with a focus on security so this was a huge priority! Rest assured that our website follows strict security processes - even NinjaPaper employees don’t have access to your credit card numbers. They are never kept on file in our systems, which is a major advantage for secure transactions. NinjaPaper provides the following security features:

  • Full compliance with credit card Payment Card Industry standards (PCI) and Data Security Standards (DSS)

  • 128-Bit SSL technology for secure transactions

  • Full encryption hardware and software to insure compliance and protect customer information

What is your return policy?

Due to the customized nature of our business and the fact that we do not stock any finished product, we can’t offer returns on products that are correctly designed and shipped to you. If we mistakenly ship you an incorrect product or you receive a damaged product, we will happily offer an exchange for any unused product within 15 days of receipt. We define unused as any paper that has not been fully or partially taken off of its backing. The sale of any paper that has been removed from its backing is final. We require that you contact is at orders@ninjapaper.com to get a return merchandise authorization number (RMA). This strict return policy is only due to the customized nature of our business, and we do recommend ordering samples if you feel you are not sure of a color or pattern. It is our goal to resolve any issues to mutual satisfaction.



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