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What Removable Wallpaper Can Do For You:

With affordable, simple to install, mess-free removable wallpaper you can transform any plain white wall into a work of art. Now any place can be uniquely yours. Decorate your walls with bright, soothing, welcoming removable wallpaper that will cover up bare walls. DIY wall décor from NinjaPaper is your solution to a better environment, an office you enjoy, a home full of colors, or a final touch to a festive party. Find a pattern that inspires you and look forward to a future filled with art!

Go Ahead, Be a Ninja!

Like a pattern but want a color not shown here? Contact our graphic design team today! We would be happy to work with you.

Aborigine Twirls

$99.00 per panel (You save $29.25)
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Pattern Description:

A twirl pattern punctured throughout to create dotted swirls of various majestic tones. This dot pattern is inspired by Aboriginal art, a style of art native to Australian Aboriginals. Often Aboriginal Art is a part of the world’s oldest continuous cultural tradition, inspired by dreaming, symbols, and stories. Each pattern design has a story behind it. Aboriginal masks are most like this colorful dot pattern. Aboriginal Masks are traditionally painted with dots of varying color, into long and thin patterns. Earthy hues were most used in Aboriginal Artwork. 


About the Artist:

Martina Stadler is an artist from Austria whom has always enjoyed using her creativity. She is passionate about pattern design and has designed patterns since attending Arts College in Salzburg, Austria. Martina finds her designs are mostly influenced by her travels and nature. “Every destination brings its own inspiration and sometimes I can’t wait to get home and let them flow into some new pattern creations.”—Matina Stadler.

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