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What Removable Wallpaper Can Do For You:

With temporary removable wallpaper you can personalize and create a unique living area wherever you go. Don’t worry about leaving marks on walls with peel and stick wallpaper that is simple to put up. Don’t waste time drilling holes and hanging numerous artworks when DIY wallpaper can create a dynamic and vibrant environment with one product. Every design is handpicked by NinjaPaper, custom designed by artists around the world, and made with the finest machinery to produce high-quality and affordable removable wallpaper so everyone can surround themselves with art.

Go Ahead, Be a Ninja!

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$99.00 per panel (You save $29.25)
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Pattern Description:

This abstract pattern embodies the avant-garde art movement of cubism, made popular by Pablo Picasso and Georges Baroque in the twentieth century. Cubist painters rejected the popular notion that art should exemplify nature or the established techniques of foreshortening, modeling, and perspective in art. Cubism is one of the most influential art movements of the 20th century, revolutionizing European sculpture and painting. Cubism also lead to inspiring movements related to music, architecture, and literature. If you like the abstract works of Pablo Picasso then this cubist removable wallpaper is for you.

About the Artist:

Matthia Hennig has worked as a graphic designer and artist over many years. Matthia’s designs are influenced by the art of Australian Aborigines, nature, photography, architecture, music, traveling, and life! He believes designing patterns is an inspiring form of design for numerous applications.

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