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Why NinjaPaper

Everyone here at NinjaPaper has used removable wallpaper to spruce up spaces. We understand both how personal it is as well as the level of thought that goes into designing such spaces. This is why at NinjaPaper; we are committed to helping you create that special area in your life, large or small, so that it screams “Look at my greatness and style”!

No matter if you are purchasing removable wallpaper, large murals, or art wall decals here is what you can always expect from NinjaPaper.com:

  • The best quality and value - You can’t create a superior product if you don’t start with superior materials and manufacturing process. NinjaPaper is unique in that:
    • We use a 7 color printing process not just 4. This gives our product significantly better color gamete and print quality. Most, if not all, of our competitors use CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and key black) technology. Very few print technologies add Orange/Green/White for a total of 7 inks used. In fact, we know of no other company in the removable wallpaper space that has invested in this highest quality print technology so as to offer the highest quality of product.
    • Our raw material paper is thicker than our competition for better handling during installation, longevity, and so it more closely resembles traditional wallpaper in quality. We know of no other competitor using material of this thickness.

  • The absolute Greenest/Healthiest Process - An interesting fact we found while doing our research prior to starting NinjaPaper.com is that most removable wallpaper manufacturers use what is referred to in the industry as solvent or “eco-solvent” print technologies. These inks are based with chemicals that not only leave a terrible smell, but have industry experts and government regulators debating the long-term health risks of exposure.
    • At NinjaPaper.com, we use water based ink and print technology - no solvents. This actually gives NinjaPaper two distinct advantages. First and foremost, our healthcare and childcare clients (as well as others) appreciate that we use a healthier process both for the end user as well as for our own employees. Second, wallpaper coming off of a solvent print technology require a 24-48 hour “gassing-out” period (yes, that is the actual term), to dry and release the solvents from the paper. Our water based print technology needs no such step in the process. This allows us to be able to cut our delivery time to our clients by as much as two whole days! A healthier process that allows us to service our customer’s better - It’s a total no brainer for any Ninja!

  • Technology follow up throughout - We integrate technology into all parts of our website as well as our order, manufacturing and shipping process. This results in a better user experience online as well as better communication with our customers, resulting in faster, more accurate results!

  • Helpful, Non-commission staff - All of our staff has used and designed with the same materials and patterns that you are looking at. In fact, many of our staff have created and sold designs and patterns of their own. Their main goal is to help you "Be a Ninja!" - so they are here to help you in any way they can.

  • All manufacturing in the U.S. - We never outsource manufacturing - not overseas and not in the U.S. We will always manage our own manufacturing with our own people. We currently have 2 manufacturing locations in the Chicago area where all of our products are produced and shipped from.

  • Flexibility and advice - Want to do something custom? Not a problem. Just connect with our design team and we would love to collaborate with you.

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